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Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Fears This Thursday

Have no fear 3 Things This Thursday is here.

This is a special themed edition being the third Thursday of the month.

This week I'd like you to blog about any 3 things that you are concerned or scared about. They can be serious, somber or silly. When you have click on Mr. Linky below and add it there.

My 3 fears this Thursday are in no particular order:

1) I am afraid that when Chuck returns to the NBC Line-Up after the Olympics this winter that it won't be as good as it was the past two years. I have shared previously how in order to keep certain regulars on the show that I am afraid they will have no choice but to have Chuck return to the Buy-More a gig he is obviously grown out of. When a show is not doing great in the ratings there is often a tendency to tweak it to help it catch on. I think the word of mouth campaign that kept Chuck from being cut last year shows that what it needs is not wholesale changes but better backing by the brass at NBC.

2) I am afraid of what my wife and children would become if and when I do not stand up and lead them in the ways of God. I want to have a wife who knows how much I love her and who can trust me to lead our family. I want my children to know my by involvement in their life, that they are special, loved and that I am proud of them.

3) I am afraid that I am completely ruining this excellent meme that Michelle at Psalm 104:24 began. Here is an example of one of her previous editions of 3TTT. My manifestations hardly ever get comments or links. I don't really mind as I just love this 3 thing format. But in truth, I would much rather be a participant than a host. At least that way I'd be assured that there would be at least one link a week.

So those are my 3 fears TV wise, blog wise and real life wise. If you have fears : shout shout let them all out, these are the things that we blog about! Come on, I'm talking to you!

Next Time: In Praise of Out Walking


  1. You may not have people linking up, but you do have readers. I rarely have much to say and only post a couple times a month. Every week I'm on the lookout for a Works For Me Wednesday or 3TTT to post. I just can't come up with anything. I finally came up with a WFMW for next week - if I make it so far as to post it. I love We Are That Family!

    I do have fears, btw, but not for a blog post. I fear my husband losing his job, more medical bills or any other additional debt that will put us over the edge on which we are teetering, and I fear not being a good enough mother or supportive enough wife. I also fear crime. And evil. And what the Disney channel does to my kids when I find them sneaking away watching it. And not instilling the need to love God with all your heart into them enough. See. Lots of fears here. But I don't want to blog 'em. I try not to focus on my fears and cast them to my Lord and Savior, instead. Otherwise I'd dwell in the lies of evil. I can't even do it with humor.

    Good post, though. You seem to do a good job putting your thought on a (web) page.


  2. You totally are not ruining anything! I was the shleppy host who couldn't even pull hosting it everyweek due to my ADD and lack of organizing skills!

    Look....I am only here on Saturday morning...late for everything!

    No stress or worries Dave...I still think you are awesome and love popping in your world.

    hmmmmmm fears for me.

    1. That I won't live up to the wife, mom, daughter that God (and secondly, my family) wants me to be.

    2. falling into a lake in my car with my kids.

    3. rabies.

    Have a beautiful weekend :)

  3. Hey, there!! Do the links show up on this page anywhere? I added my link to Mr. Linky, but it only shows up when I click on Mr. Linky, so I wasn't sure if anyone else could see it. Anyway, I do enjoy your posts and I subscribe to your blog! Happy blogging!


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