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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Purple Present With Lucy Inside

Kristen at We Are That Family is celebrating her 2nd Blogoversary by letting other families share how They are "that" Family. We are That Family because we have 5 crazy people who love each other. This story I posted about earlier this week illustrates that point beautifully.

Last year about this time, in preparation for her third birthday, Lucy began announcing what she wanted as a gift. Her wish: A purple present with cookies inside. That is all she would talk about when the subject of birthdays came up.

This was one of her first Lucyisms even before I had a blog to feature them. So on her birthday she certainly did receive a purple present with cookies inside. (She was upset with other people who gave her other gifts, but she quickly got over that.)
A few weeks ago Amy bought a beautiful outfit that Lucy is wearing in the pictures below. When she wears it I have taken to calling the ensemble, a purple present with Lucy inside.

Today at our Home School Co-op, just prior to me taking these pictures, Lucy and I had the following
conversation. . .

Me: It's a purple present with Lucy inside.

Lucy: Daddy, I do not like that name.

Me: But, Lucy I love you.

Lucy: I love you too, Dad. But, I still don't like that name.

It was a very mature conversation especially since the one with the best lines is NOT YET FOUR!
So, congratulations Kristen on being that family and blogging that family for two whole years!

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