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Friday, October 23, 2009

Facial Hair Survey

Beard or no beard. You decide.

I have been growing beards much of my adult life. 15 years ago at 30 I noticed a little grey in my beard and I thought it was distinguished. This may have been because the grey was limited to my beard and was about 5-10 strands in total.

After Amy and I got married and we started having kids I developed a beard system. I would generally stay clean shaven during the pregnancy and would stop shaving once the baby was born. I would then keep the beard until the child's first birthday and shave it off. When my oldest turned one, she was asleep when I shaved my beard and left for work. When I came home she literally did not know who I was. When I spoke, her expression changed from "who is that strange man in my house? (Do expressions come in quotes?) to "Ah, that strange man in my house is Daddy.".

My youngest turned 1 almost 3 years ago and I have gone pretty much beardless since. This year since by birthday was a multiple of 5 (Hint: in paragraph 1, I said 15 years ago I was 30.) I decided to try out the old beard again.

Have you ever noticed that in before after photographs the subject is always better dressed, better groomed more spruced up then in the before pictures? Sure, you have.Not here at Home School Dad. We don't play that way.

Here I am a few weeks ago right before I started growing the beard.

And here I am a few weeks later with the beard.

So what do you think beard or no beard? Let me know.

I literally showed my face today. You don't have to show your face to participate in Six Word Saturday. Just shoot on over to Show My Face Dot Com.

Next Time: What's wrong with the Church?


  1. I'm not a fan of beards so I agree with Bridgette.

  2. Voting on your beard—
    a dangerous precedent.
    What will next vote be?

    My Six Words

  3. If it´s kept short, I like it! But maintain short! :)

  4. Dave's wife here...the photo of the beard doesn't do him justice...he looks nice...

  5. I like beards though I don't want my husband to grow one. I say yours looks nice. Keep it short and under control but I approve. And it seems your wife approves which is probably the important thing.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  6. I like the beard. And if Amy likes the beard, I think you should keep it. Wives do have the final say. (As my husband gripes behind me about how he needed permission last time to cut his hair.)

    Peace and Laughter,

  7. You look younger without the beard--you decide! I personally don't care for beards.

  8. As long as you like it and your wife likes it, then go for it. It's really between you two and it doesn't matter what everyone else likes, right?

    I used to like facial hair, but as we get older I prefer clean shaven. Old-people facial hair is very rough and scratchy. I don't like to be stabbed by prickles around the lips when kiss my husband. Younger facial hair is not as sharp. He doesn't like to shave more than once a week or so, so that's when I kiss him. (Kidding!!!) It's a compromise. ButI really do like it when he shaves.

    It's OK for different people to have different preferences. So don't let everyone else decide what works for you.

  9. I think your wife answered the question best, as hers is the only opinion that really counts anyway;) If you wanted to mix it up a bit you could always do a goatee-my husband has one and I'm partial.

  10. I think it looks nice. That said, it's your wife's opinion that counts the most-I'm glad she likes it :)


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