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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Things Thursday

Thursday again? That means it's time for Three Thing This Thursday!

1. Thank You! Thank You Thank You!

Thanks for the encouraging words regarding last weeks themed edition. I really appreciated it. I was thematically obligated to share 3 fears, and while the ones I expressed were true, the degree I feel them is rather small. I am glad that those reading this enjoy it. I will keep it up.

2. The Good Wife (CBS)

Of all the new shows this fall, this was the one receiving much of the early acclaim. It stars Julianna Marguiles as said wife. BTW Julianna, Terri Hatcher called, she wants her hairstyle back. That aside, I quite like the show. It has a good supporting cast, and plays well as part procedural part human drama. (I don't have cable or tv reception, so I watch it at cbs.com)

3. Blogoversary Contest

Kristen at We Are That Family is celebrating 2 years of Bloggy Goodness. You can celebrate with her by joining her contest. Simply blog about how your family is That Family and link to hers before midnight tonight. I went ahead and shared my story: A Purple Present with Lucy Inside. Show her what youv'e got!

That's it for me. Now it's your turn.

Next time: Facial Hair Considered

1 comment:

  1. Wow...I haven't thought about "new tv show" in ages. Since we moved from IL to WI two years ago, we've had zero tv reception. So we can only watch DVDs, and it's fine. OTOH, our youngest kids are now 16 and 18. They couldn't have survived without PBS when they were your kids' ages :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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