The wonder is that when we know God’s forgiveness is based upon the infinite value of Christ’s finished work, we can have peace of mind and knowledge of His love, even in the midst of our weakness and depression. And again, we all have depressions too; since the Fall, none of us are psychologically healthy or perfect morally. And I must say that depressions are very hard. This is not unknown to me; though most people do not know it, I have my own periods of depression which are very difficult. . . . I speak her not from theory but from experience — in the midst of our down times we can know that His arms are about us, and that He does not let us go when our hands are as weak as water. - Francis Schaffer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amy Remembers Keith Part II

Here is the second installment of my wife's memories of my brother . . .

Keith really looked up to his big brother Dave. Whenever Dave would tell a joke, Keith would chime in that he was thinking the same thing, or try to get in on the laughter. Keith was such a smart man, he had a brain for facts and figures and dates. He and Dave and their mother would often try to outdo each other with what they knew, but always in good fun. They would mistakenly ask me one of their questions, and after getting a blank stare, move on to someone they knew would answer…each other. Our family spent quite a bit of time with Keith’s family and you could always tell that Keith looked up to his big brother Dave, and with good reason.

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  1. just knowing and loving you and dave, I find myself missing a beloved family member of yours, that I never even knew... I am so grieving with you your loss.. this tribute is so touching, so lovely... thankyou for sharing all of this..
    you are such fantastic people, Rob and I have always thought so... this post just give such a lovely discription of brotherhood, of family, togetherness, and yes, I can see why Kieth would have looked to Dave... and why Dave so misses this precious soul of a brother Kieth...
    you are all so LOVED!
    <>< a