Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Keith loved Chess. He was a good player and a good teacher. My son Charlie took a homeschool chess class last year. The last time Charlie saw Keith alive, Keith was helping him with His Chess homework. I remember one time last year when I was visiting Keith in the Hospital. He and I played a game of Chess and I routed him which is not only unusual, its incomprehensible. I'll beat him once a decade but to dominate him, that's unheard of. After the chess game Keith took a nap and when he awoke, he did not remember me being there and certainly did not remember us playing. I'd like to think he was making that up. But when we played later, he beat my brains in which was the typical result. It was goog to know that he couldn't beat me in his sleep.

Today Charlie and I will play a chess game in your Memory.

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