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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keith and the Bicentennial

This is my 200th blog post. If I weren't posting every 39 minutes today in honor of Keith's 39th birthday I would probably not make the 200 mark until late December, early January. Since this day is not about me, I will tell you about Keith circa 1976. (The bicentenial of America). Keith began kindergarten in 1976. He turned 6, 33 years ago today. While his older 3 siblings were attending Queen of The Rosary (QR) and/or Grove Junior High, Keith was becoming the 4th member of our family to attend kindergarten at Salt Creek School . QR did not have a kindergarten program at the time and our sister Bonnie was the first to attend QR's kindergarten rather than Salt Creek's. Incidentally, the 5th member of our family to attend kindergarten at Salt Creek was Keith's son Bobby, who stayed with his family at my folks' house in Elk Grove during the first year of Keith's illness.

My dad was in the throes of putting an addition on the house that would give Keith his own room. Up to this point, Keith had been staying in the same room as his 10 and 12 year old brothers.

Editors Note: I'm the 12 year old. Chris is younger than me! So, back off!

Editor's Note the second: Read all about my fraternal angst with my middle sibling at I'm not bitter dot com.

A 6 year age difference is a pretty big thing at 12 and Keith and I didn't exactly hang out in the same circles. What I do remember about him is equal parts affability and annoyance. He was the quintessential give him an expensive present, he'll play with the box kid. But he also had an insatiable curiosity in how things worked (not unlike a son of mine.)

So that's 1976, the year Rocky didn't need a Roman numeral. The year of Olympic heroes Franz Klamer and Nadia Commanecci. The year my Dad put an addition on the house. Uncle Sam turned 200. Keith started kindergarten and I started 7th grade for the first time. But that as they say is a story for a different time.

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