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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting The Run Around

I went to Parents day at Awana last week. I got this footage of Lucy in a footrace.

When we are her age, run-a-round is a good thing. It means getting exercise and having fun with friends and family.

Getting the run-a-round for adults is another matter entirely. It means being led around in circles and never actually getting to your destination. When I was in college the administration building was called Sherman Hall. Trying to procure permission to change majors or graduate early or build a better bird house usually meant going through a routine called the Sherman Shuffle. You would start in one office and be routed to another and another until you finally achieved your goal or until the offices closed for the day. I am sure every college campus and many other bureaucracies have an imaginative title for the run-a-round.

Lucy loves to run-a-round she also loves to cut tape although she has never had to cut through red tape.

Perhaps it is the childish adventuring spirit that can handle running around in circles and the World weary adult who seems beleaguered by it. So the next time you're getting the run-a-round try to make it an adventure rather than a drudgery.

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  1. for tomorrow, you might want to take that carnival of homeschooling thing off...


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