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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Children and Cousins and Nephews oh my!

I just noticed that I haven't posted in about a week. Things have been kind of busy lately and I thought it would be nice to tell you a little about what I've been up to.

Yesterday Charlie was in what is called Sparksorama. It is a competition between different Churches AWANA clubs in the same kind of games they play at AWANA. Charlie and his team of other K-2nd graders had been practicing for over a month for the games. We drove over to a community college near our church in the snow to get to the games.

3 0r 4 teams (called a circle) squared off against each other at a time in different events like this one.

Charlie's team came in first place in their circle. We all had a fantastic time cheering him on.

After the games we went home for a few hours and then we drove to Oak Park to seem Amy's cousins who are near Emma and Charlie's age in a play. The play was Seusical the Musical. One of the cousins had a really good role as a trouble making Ape. The other played a who and a seusslike circus animal. The play was put on by Christian Youth Theatre (CYT) and it was very enjoyable. Amy's aunt caught me crying at the end of the play. But hey I'm a sensitive guy!

Today we were going to just relax and enjoy Sunday after church at home relaxing. However when Amy's sister invited us to visit her new baby Connor, we jumped at the chance.

I got to hold Connor for quite a while. I gave him up for a little while so the kids could get a photo op with him . . .

Amy's mom made some fantastic Chicken and everybody had a good visit. This week is going to be another busy one but I promise I'll post again before next Sunday!

Next Time: Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

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