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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Open Letter to Michelle of Psalm 104:24

Dear Michelle,

A year or so ago I discovered your excellent blog. I am not quite sure how exactly, probably through WFMW but maybe by some other means. You had a nifty little thing going called Three Things This Thursday. You would tell 3 things going on with your life including a Lost update and then give others in the Blogoverse the opportunity to share. 3TTT had me at hello. I became a frequent contributor and this Fall, due to a series of circumstances, you handed over the torch of your great little idea to me.

And It just tanked! Well, that's not quite true. But I feel like under my watch, it did not blossom in the way, I hoped it would. So, this winter, I did some tweaking.

At the beginning of 2010 I changed the name from 3 Things This Thursday to Some Things This Thursday so people would not be limited to 3 things. That name didn't stick in my mind, So I have been calling it Things This Thursday. Over the past few months this feature, which was a great joy when you were doing it, has become increasingly burdensome to me. It seems each week I am up against a time constraint and it gets in the way of other blogging I want to do.

So, Michelle, I know you think you know what's coming that I'm saying goodbye to good old 3TTT. In a way, I am. I have decided to make a change that will allow me to continue giving random tidbits but not be tied into it on a weekly basis. I will be publishing my "things" on a biweekly basis. I am also making one more (hopefully final) name change. The new name? Things Fortnightly. Catchy, huh?

If you ever decide that you want 3TTT back you can have it and I will gladly continue TF on a day other than Thursday. In that case, I would probably link my things to yours as that was always my favorite part.

I hope you are doing well. I have a meme to continue so I will bring this fake letter to a close.

A Fellow Blogger in Christ,

Home School Dad.

And now here is the first edition of Things Fortnightly . . .

1. I love the word fortnightly.

Maybe it's the Jane Austen fan in me, but for whatever reason I love the concept of a fortnight. I used to be hyper vigilant on it's use (or in this case misuse). My SIL who is from a part of the world that fortnight is still in the vernacular once used fortnight to refer to something other than an exact 14 day period. I was quick to correct (incorrect) her and I don't think her Irish eyes were smiling when she informed me that a fortnight is generally used as a period of approximately two weeks not exactly a 336 hour event. Yes I know how many hours are in a two week period by rote. They don't call me, scary math guy for nothing.

So when I decided to do things every other week I jumped at the chance to use fortnightly in the title.

2. Lucyism

The other night Amy asked Lucy, What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lucy says: I don' t know, maybe a ballerina, or a teacher? I know, I want to be everything! Wait, I don't have the clothes for that...

3. Chuck Update

It is great when a television program hits it's stride. The action, direction and story telling all come together until it seems that each week the show is the best it's ever been. I have been watching Star Trek the Next Generation season 3 with my kids and season 3&4 is when that show hit it's stride. The British T.V. program Robin Hood hit it's stride for me in season 2. I remember watching episode after episode on d.v.d. and I would just shout out to the t.v. "This show is great!"

This past Monday night, Chuck hit it's stride. The Star of Chuck, Zach Levi, made his directorial debut in the episode Chuck Versus the Beard. If you have not seen it you can watch it free on Hulu. This episode has it all hilarity, secrets revealed, suspense, and action, action, and more action. It is easily the best Chuck episode I've ever scene and the ending gives me every reason to believe that the best can be improved on.

4. D.C. Talk -

Our trip to Washington D.C is inching closer and closer. We are getting excited. One thing we will be doing on the way there is making a side trip to the "Walton's Mountain" area where the writer of the book that inspired the Walton's grew up.

Today we are heading over to visit where our bunny will stay when we go on our trip. He will have another homeschooled boy bunny to hang out with, so that place will be hopping.

Those are all the thing's I've got going for this edition. Se you in 2 weeks for the next fun filled episode of Things Fortnightly.

Feel free to share some things of your own by linking your post below.

Next Time: Get thee to a Bakery


  1. Oh Dave....you are too sweet and kind! I really feel happy right now that you thought to take the time to write this.

    I think my 3TTT was really only getting replies for the most part with my LOST recaps, LOL. I think carnivals are hit or miss to be honest.....so don't think about anything as tanking. I think you are awesome.....and don't know if God knew about all of this (pretty confident He did)....because for some reason you were placed on my heart last night and I was just going to peek in your world and see how things were going in your life.

    As for continuing on the 3TTT....I think I might pass and here is why. As I mentioned, I always had that LOST recap to rely on for the substance of my post. Now that LOST is on a different night and also in its last season (one I am not so thrilled with!)....it wouldn't fit in with that. Also.....if you visit my world, you will see that for the past year or so....most of my posts have been based on what God is doing in my life (with some farm humor and some good laughs at myself thrown in). I have only been rambling when God places something on my heart to share.....so sometimes it's barely once a week as I don't want to blog just for the sake of putting words out, yk? And also, for the past couple of months, I know God is working something in me (good stuff!) but bringing me into deep thinking mode and I am still sorting it all out, so I am "in the blogsphere" even less.

    (and lastly, it's gonna be spring and even busier at our little farm with new babies and exciting stuff like that!)

    So with....I think you should do whatever works best for you and where you are at. When you feel the urge...throw a 3TTT out there...maybe leave the linky-ma-jig open for that week. Just go with what makes you happy and not feeling pressured/stress to carry out a schedule.

    OK, so I just rambled (as usual).....I am sure I'll hit "POST" and then go back and reread the mumbo jumbo and think GAAAA! I make NO SENSE most of the time!

    But what I do know is that I think you are a real cool dad/person/blog-guy. And happy to call you my friend. :)

  2. Hey, I finally did another Things This Thursday last week and you didn't do one. I know, life doesn't and shouldn't revolve around our blogs. But I'm going to link it up anyway! I also posted yesterday about FIRE SAFETY when using your clothes dryer. It's worth reading just for awareness.



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