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Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Million Arrows Blog Tour

Sunday March 7th, 2010

12:34 p.m.

I have never been very good at deadlines. I am a champion procrastinator. I could even be a better one, but I keep putting off practicing.

About a month and a half ago, Julie Ferwerda contacted me about reading and reviewing her book One Million Arrows. She even sent me a copy of the book. I began reading it at once; the first two chapters were amazing. I set it aside expecting to finish it soon. Life happens, as it often does and as 2010 has been a busy, stressful year so far, it got missed.

I was supposed to go to church, visit my new nephew and go to an Oscar Party today. But I have been sidelined with a sore throat and other illnesses and opted to stay home. I may try to make the Oscar Party tonight if my health improves (Hey, I have my priorities). After resting for a few hours, I checked my e-mail to receive Julie's reminder that today is the last day of her blog tour. Seeing as I have some time on my hands without the pitter patter of my darling rug rats (for the record we have a wood floor), I will read as much of the book as I can in the next few hours and report back in.

4:33 P.M

I have read most of the book and I can highly recommend it to all. It is a book about, if I could quote the Flash Dance theme song for a moment, taking your passion and making it happen. It's actually a book about taking God's passion and making it happen. It tells the story of M.A. "PAPA" Thomas and his vision of using orphans to change the world.

The book is broken up in 3 parts Gather, Sharpen and Launch. Each section tells a little of Papa's story but generally give practical insights and inspiration from other believer's whom Ferwerda calls arrows.

The book reaffirms some basic concepts that I already believe. One is that we should not let the church raise our kids but have the parents take that responsibility. As a father, I have been failing too long in taking the leadership of our home. I would like my children to make an impact in this world for Christ. In order to do that I need practical insights on how to do that. I believe Mrs. Ferwerda does just that. I also need to just do it (first Flash Dance, now Nike).

I recommend than you read this book and then take one thing and start applying it. I am going to start working through the Westminster Catechism with my 10 year old as one of the Arrow Makers in the book does.

Head on over to OneMillionArrows.com to see how to get a copy of this magnificent book. The book is available at Amazon for $ 13.95. As a regular Amazon shopper I know that with any qualifying purchase of $25.00 or more that there is a free shipping option. So you might want to consider buying a copy for a friend as well. Click here to go to the book's page on Amazon.

That's enough being salesman Joe, I now revert to blog guy Dave to tell you this . . .

Next Time: Structured and Unstructured

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