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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Every day as part of our school day we read aloud from a book a chapter at a time. We are currently working on Winnie the Pooh. This week when Emma was reading to us the part where Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's door my mind drifted to the animated version.

The movies introduces a character name Gopher, who happens to be a gopher. Gopher has the signature line "I'm not in the book." The line actually has a double meaning. The straight forward meaning is that gopher's excavation services are not listed in phone book. The second meaning is that since the character was created for the movie, he is literally not in the book.

I have always appreciated children's entertainment that also has adult humor thrown in.

Which brings me to today's six words . . .

When did adult lose a letter?

When I said adult humor a moment ago perhaps some of you thought of risque or inappropriate humor. I actually meant the second definition of the adjective adult found in my Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary which states " of relating to, intended for or befitting adults, ex. an adult approach to a problem."

Webster's offers a third definition of adult as dealing in or with explicitly sexual material. But it seems that these days that is the most common definition. Adult used to mean mature, deep, grown-up. Adult has become a four letter word.

So here I am a 45 year old who does not swear (use adult language), drink alcohol (adult beverages) or watch pornography (adult videos). No wonder my parents often sit me at the kids table at family gatherings.

Seriously when did the word adult become strictly a euphemism for things we don't want kids to do? Aren't there more adult uses for the word adult?

Not sure exactly where this diatribe came from or where it's going. It's been brewing in my cranium for some time and I thought I would try to let it out. If you would like to see more Six Word Saturday head on over to Show my face dot com and join in.

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  1. You are so "right on" with this post...and I hadn't even thought about it before! I just love those Winnie the Pooh stories, too! Happy SWS, Kathy

  2. When I read it, that is where my brain went. I was not sure what I was about to read. I home school my youngest son and we have not read a book out loud for awhile now. I just told him that we need to do it again. Thanks for sharing Pooh, it was one of our favorite movies, but I have never read the book.

  3. "Adult" humour: exactly why I need an occasional Rocky and Bullwinkle Show fix!

    Find another six words at my today's blog installment titled "SparkleFarkled Razzle-Dazzle!" See you there? Thanks!

  4. Very interesting post. I DO find myself using "adult" language and drinking "adult" beverages. But I don't often call them that. I think the poor word "adult" has been victimized here in an effort to pretty up things that aren't so pretty.

    Thanks for playing 6WS.


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