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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things Fortnightly

Time now for Things Fortnightly.

Thing 1 Diagnosis Blogger

Last week's episode of House was centered around a sick blogger. While there were aspects of the program that I was not fond of, the blogger theme worked quite well. I especially liked the dynamic between the blogger and her friends/followers.

There is a scene when her friend is visiting her in the hospital. The patient is blogging and her friend is reading her posts as opposed to just visiting with each other. This was unexpectedly poignant to me as the last time I saw my brother alive, I was visiting him in the hospital and showing him video's of my kid's biking that I had posted on my blog.

Thing 2. Nostalgia for teenagers

Have you seen the Because of camp commercial? As a former camp counselor, and a camp guy, I think it is pretty cool. I do have a problem with Emma Robert's part. She says that because of camp she built lasting relationships with people she keeps up with to this day. My problem with that is: She's 19! She was probably 17 when it was filmed! I have t-shirts that are older than her! If camp is such a life changing experience where you maintain lifetimes of friendships perhaps we could get a spokesman who is at least the drinking age!

Thing 3: My 8 year old gets it!

We have been in the car a lot lately. Field trips, doctor appointments, family visits: the stuff life is made of. This means I have been subjecting my kids to talk radio. It seems I have passed the talking to the radio gene on to Charlie.

One of the radio hosts we have been listening to lately has a habit of calling the USA the greatest country on God's green earth. After hearing that about 3 times, Charlie starts talking to the radio and saying it is not the greatest country! Other people like their countries just as much, and things of that nature. We as a family are very thankful for our heritage as Americans. We are looking forward to our trip to Washington D.C. later this spring. But Charlie gets that our patriotism stems mainly from the fact that we were born here. As he continued his conversation with the radio, he went on to say how much better a country Heaven is than America could ever be. While Heaven is not on God's green earth, Charlie still knows what country it is better to have your citizenship in.

Thing 4: Chuck and the World Chucks with you.

There are some Internet acronyms that have just not taken off yet. So when I say Chuck is the BTSSB you might not know of which I speak. Chuck is certainly the best thing since sliced bread, and in the last Things Fortnightly, I shouted its praise from the tops of something. Two weeks after the BEE (Best Episode Ever) things in Chuckville are still kicking it old school. The most recent episodes Chuck Vs. The Final Exam was particularly awesome. It had an excellent "Man who Shot Liberty Valance" moment that blew me away.

Thing 5: I see that hand (I just choose to ignore it.)

We took a field trip this week to a working fire house.

At the end of the tour, the fireman who was showing us around asked if anyone had any questions. Lucy raised her hand, which given her penchant for Lucyisms, usually frightens me. The fireman called on her and she asked a pretty good question for the general population, which means an amazing question for a 4 year old, and a pretty miraculous one coming from her. She asked when do you guys (fireman) sleep. The fireman said that when he is working a night shift, he tries to go to bed early, so he can get some sleep before the calls start coming in.

Some of the other parents, and children asked some more questions and then Lucy raised her hand again. She not only raised her hand, she said "I have another question." The fireman called on her again and this time she said, "My favorite color is purple.". Now, that's the kind of "questions" she usually asks!

Well those are my things for This Thursday. Thanks for stopping by

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