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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beginnings Part IV: Star Trek on Purpose

It was December 6, 1991. My Mom's 52 birthday. I was nearing the end of my penultimate semester of college. My best friend called me in my dorm room and asked what I was doing that night. I told her that Matthew, Joe and I (and perhaps others) were off to Peoria (or perhaps Springfield) to see Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country. There were 2 theatres consisting of 4 screens in our college town and catching the premiere of a movie often meant heading out of town.

I will always remember my best friend's reaction. She said: "on purpose?"

I still have the same best friend. I married her 11 years ago to make it official. She is still into me but not into Star Trek.

I, on the other hand, love Star Trek. We never watched the show as a family when it ran from 1966 to 1969 on NBC. (Yes, I am old enough, to have done so.) I began watching Star Trek reruns at my friend Jeff's house when I was in junior high. While there I discovered that the best two things that go with pizza are root beer and Star Trek.

I did not see the first two Star Trek movies in the theatre. The first film of the franchise I saw at all was Star Trek II which I saw at my friend Dominick's house. It remains to this day my favorite. I have seen all the rest in the theatre generally on opening night.

Now let me make a few clarifications. 1) I hardly ever see movies on opening night. So seeing Star Trek on opening night is a big deal. 2) I am not exactly a trekkie. While I own many d.v.d's and video cassettes only 1 is Star Trek related. 3) I don't speak Klingon, would never dress like a character, and have never lived in a house with a basement (reference to famous SNL sketch. Click here to see it.)

Star Trek is a friendly passion for me rather than an obsession. I love to watch a t.v. episode or movie with friends who enjoy it as much or more as I do.

A new Star Trek movie comes out Friday and I am going to go see it, on purpose. In fact, although I am sure that the movie will be playing at the theatre a mile from my house I am going to drive nearly 4 hours to Springfield and watch it with the aforementioned Matthew who now lives there. I am looking forward to reconnecting with him, and watching lots of t.v shows and movies together like the old days. Next Saturday or Sunday I will post from there and tell you how it's going. It's Springfield, it's hardly where no man has gone before, but I will boldly go.

Next Time: What Time is it?


  1. As long as you boldly go, and not Blago-go!! Have fun! We'll miss you but welcome your time of refreshment and fun with an old friend.

  2. Have fun catching up with your friend!

    Oh, and JJ Abrams is the producer, or is it director?....anyway....He does LOST so I bet it will be fantastic!

  3. You need a family like mine. My mother is already planning to see it twice, with my family and with my aunt and uncle!

    Wrath of Khan is my favorite too. Although Capt. Picard will always be my favorite captain. :o)

    Live long and prosper!


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