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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turning off the t.v. for the summer

This being the unofficial start of summer, we have again turned off our television. For the past few years we have turned off our television for the summer. In the first few years we would actually move the t.v. into the garage. Now signs like these will have to suffice.

We have not had broadcast t.v. for well over a year now since we moved the set away from the antenna plug. But we do a brisk trade in watching d.v.d.s and videos on it. Turning off the t.v. for the summer lets us enjoy time together as a family unencumbered by the distraction that box can bring.

The television, like many 21st century families, is not our only means of watching television programs. We watch a lot of t.v. straight from the good old Internet. We have decided this summer to not watch any t.v. like stuff on the Internet as well.

So what will we do with our free time? Walking, biking, swimming, working on our garden, Playing games and visiting friends and family.

Turning off the television for the summer works for us. To see what works for others go to Works for me Wednesday at We are That Family.

Next Time: A Busy Weekend.


  1. Awesome and excellent. My kids have always done so much better in every way when we have had TV moratoriums. Good for you.

  2. I WISH my hubby would turn it off!! But we do this as much as possible when he's at work! The kids DO much better without it--I agree!!

  3. Love it. Great idea, I bet they won't even miss it eventually.

  4. You rock! I gotta get my husband on board for turning it off.......we hardly watch it all summer anyway with being outdoors, camping, etc...but it is still available.

    ....any suggestions on a "pitch" for this?

    "see ya" tomorrow at 3TTT

  5. Great idea! I love your blog header, too! :)

  6. Great idea! Wish we could do that!

  7. Good idea! We are looking forward to the summer and fun family activities!

  8. That's a good challenge! We are so excited for all the things we would like to do for the summer. Just think of all the time a family could recover from a no TV Policy!

  9. i think my kids could do it, it's my husband and i that would have the hard time. :) we enjoy sitting down together to watch a show or movie in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed. but it's definitely worth a shot!

  10. Growing up without a TV I know how unnecasary it is. We absolutely never missed it. Our family does have one now but my rule is, nobody but Daddy turns it on. (And he is at work all day) There have been a few exceptions where we will watch a homeschool video or some major educational news event on TV but other then that it doesn't go on. My husband doesn't watch it very much either except in the morning while exercising and at night after the kids go to bed while I blog.
    It works very well for us and we get so many other fun things done!

  11. cool that you all do this. i am totally fine with the tv on a limited basis and my husband loves movies and its a good way for us to snuggle so i have no objections.

  12. Great idea! I'm sure you will have much more quality time as a family with the TV off.

  13. Good idea! Will you guys watch movies through the summer, or will those be off limits too?

  14. We should clarify that turning the tv off, to us, means only that we're not watching dvd's and videos all summer. We don't have cable or an antenna hooked up, so we don't get any commercial television anyway. It will be a great summer!

  15. i would die without the tv. seriously. if i miss law and order or SG-1 i get pissy. xD

  16. it's funny, people say that childhood is the best years of your life, but you enjoy ruining what your kid likes. thanks to morons like you, controlling their childrens lives, half of my friends have gone suicidal. one of them lives in an asylum.

    its bad enough that you would spring this shit on your kids, but post it on the internet? you douchebomb


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