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Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Nuts.

Three Things This Thursday : Nuts, Chuck and Dye edition.
1. I think we have established in other posts, that our youngest daughter is clearly insane. One things she does now is remind us 100's of times about things we obviously know. "Don't shut the door" (We never shut that door.) "No,gate!" (Haven't used the gate in months." "Peanut Butter, no nuts!" (We know she is creamy all the way.)

Last week for lunch, I told her: "I am making you a bologna sandwich (She loves bologna.) Her reply: "No nuts!" That's right cause I have this bowl of nuts I am constantly pouring it into her bologna sandwiches. Craziness!

2. Chuck has been renewed, Why am I not more happy? (Possible Spoilers)

I love Chuck. It is the perfect blend of spy, romance and comedy. It's like The Office meets Moonlighting meets The Man From Uncle. At least before the latter two shows lost their spark.

Which may be why I am not as ecstatic as I should be. The second season finale worked great as a series finale. It closed enough story arcs that I would have been satisfied if the suits at NBC decided to pull the plug.

Don't get me wrong, I will be first in line to watch it when it returns in 2010 after the Winter Olympics. My concerns are that in order to maintain Chucks cover and in order to keep the Buy More employees in the cast, I can't see any alternative than his returning to the store. One of the best part of the series 2 finale, for me, was when Chuck told Emmet the Weasel that he quit. I think the producers have established that intersect or no intersect that Chuck is so much better than the Buy More. I mean really how many installs can he possibly go on? Hopefully the producers will surprise me with his employment status, as they have so many times with this quirky but lovable show.

3. It's done It's done the White Sox won!

That's what my oldest daughter cheers when the White Sox win. For me it's a way of squeezing 2 things into my last thing. What's done is the Carnival of Home Schooling I hosted this week. The topic was Baseball. Thanks to everyone who contributed. In the post I included a link to a list of all the Major League ballplayers who homered in their first at bat. On that list was White Sox slugger and 2005 World Series MVP Jermaine "I'll love you to the day I" Dye.

Which brings us to my final thing. JD hit a grand slam last night to put a big old exclamation point on a 7 run 4th inning in a game which the White Sox won 7-4. There are few things more exciting than seeing a grand slam live, especially when it benefits your team. It was my first game taking all 3 kids at the same time. It was Dog day so there were many furry friends to pet and play with prior to the game. My youngest liked her first game, the foam finger I bought her, and the bologna sandwich I brought from home. No nuts!

That is 3 Things this Thursday from me to you. For more of the same go to Psalm 104:24.

Next Time: A short trip.

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  1. Hey there Homeschooling Dave!

    Mr Linky seems to be around as of now.....not sure why/when he went AWOL/MIA when you came by.

    I think your daughter sounds hilarious! From one nutty gal to another....


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