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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Short Trip

The above title does not refer how long it takes for my children to drive me crazy. But when they do they certainly do not need a GPS. We as a family just got back from a less than 48 hour journey that took us from the Land of Lincoln (Illinois) , to the boyhood home of Lincoln (Indiana) , to the birthplace of Lincoln (Kentucky) and back again. This was no presidential visit though. We were bound for the blue grass state for the purposes of celebrating family achievement. Amy's cousin Chris graduated from high school.

Highlights of the trip were shouting "Marshmallow!!" when crossing state lines, swimming in the hotel pool, and using GPS for the first time.

My Dad lent me his GPS and it is a lot of fun. Amy and my favorite part of a GPS is not following their directions. We got home yesterday and today as we drove to church, we plugged my Dad's address into the GPS. The thing is my Dad lives south of us and church is north of us. As we got closer and closer to the church you could hear the frustration mounting every time she (it's a woman's voice) said "recalculating". The best time was when it suggested we turn into a cul de sac with 4 houses with the express purpose of turning around.

So that's enough interstate travel for a few weeks until we will again shout marshmallow. Our congratulations to Chris on his outstanding achievement.

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  1. That GPS lady does get a bit miffed when you diobey her orders!!! Thanks for making me laugh this am. Have a wonderful day.


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