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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh where is my hairnet?

Larry the cucumber and I welcome you to another fast paced edition of 3TTT.
I have also contributed this piece to Home School Carnival # 186 being hosted by Carol at Home School CPA. Check it out!

1. What's with the hairnet?

This past Tuesday, Emma, Charlie andI along with a number of families from our home school cooperative went to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. In 2 hours time we packed enough food to feed 27 children for the next year. Because volunteers package all the meals, Feed My Starving Children is able to feed starving children around the world at a cost of 17 cents a meal. It is an excellent program and quite an eye opening one.

Volunteers 9 and over work in the kitchen packaging the food. The music in the background is loud so be warned as you watch my daughter taking a little out of her package to meet the weight standards. That package she's filling has enough food for 6 meals in it.


and the others in the 6-8 set labeled the packages and drew pictures and wrote messages on the boxes. My children enjoyed themselves immensely and are saving some money to donate at their next visit.

2. Inch by Inch.

We are growing a garden behind the Izola Becker Home School this year. I used a roto-tiller for the first time in my life and I am pleased with the results. We now have a 90 square foot plot of dirt. Charlie got in on the act as well and helped me apply the fertilizer.

3. I may never wash that hand again.

I had the opportunity to see Michael Card play a few songs at a fundraiser for the Evangelical Family and Child Association last weekend. I had seen him in concert about a 1/2 dozen times previously, but was able to actually meet him and have a decent conversation about home schooling with him prior to the dinner. I talked to him briefly at the end of the evening as well and he autographed two of his cd's for me.

Thus ends another contribution to Three things this Thursday. Head on over to Psalm 104:24 for more threedom.

Next Time: Never Assume.


  1. Oh how cool that you participated in the hunger program....and having the kids right beside you is so awesome. I think it is so important to instill the value of caring for the less fortunate at a young age.

    And ROCK on for the garden.....I am going to be tackling my new garden bed this weekend too.

    Thanks for playing along...

    .....and a *high five* for the hairnet.....Now I have Adam Sandler's Lunch Lady song in my head.

  2. Just found your blog. I'll be back for more and adding you to my blogroll!

    Take care,


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