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Monday, May 25, 2009

Some carnivals may vary.

Summer doesn't really start until June 21st. But Memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Today isn't even traditional Memorial day, today is the day Memorial day is observed. The official Memorial day is this coming Saturday. But all that aside, perception is reality, and if those around me think Summer has started who am I to argue with them?

We celebrated the end of the unofficial first weekend of summer with a carnival. It is the carnival that comes to our town each year and it is a family tradition to attend.

The kids and I all got one of those all ride arm bands for the day. Everybody has their favorite ride. Charlie loves the Tilt-A-Whirl, Emma digs the Tornado, and Lucy the Merry Go Round. We invited 2 of Amy's cousins as well and everybody had a great time. Because of the arm bands we were able to go home for a nice dinner and then go back for a couple more hours of carnivalling. While carnivals pale in comparison to the majesty and splendor that is Six Flags, we enjoy this annual time of family bonding.

Next Time: Turning off the T.V. for the Summer.

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  1. we turned off the tv for the summer.. that was in 2001 I think... We never turned it on again.. I look forward to the post...
    I liked this one too... Summer back home sounds nice !


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