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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I generally do not lament my name. My Dad's name was David and he named me such, sure I would have rather him named me David. But Such Roller has a good ring to it. But today I lament that they did not name me Kevin for if they did I could name this post Pennies from Kevin.
Okay, that was a long way to go for a bad joke, so let's move on.

As you may know this year is 2009. If you did not know that, you may be beyond my ability to help you further, so hopefully you did. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, 200 years ago . 100 years ago to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. His image was placed on the penny.

Prior to 1909 the penny had an Indian Head.

To put things in perspective the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Lincoln was not yet on the penny. Wow!

In 1959 to celebrate Lincolns Sesquicentenial (150 years) The Lincoln Memorial replaced the wheat.

This year to celebrate Lincoln's bicentennial the face of the penny got a new look ...

And 4 different images on the back . . .

The 4 images represent his early years in Kentucky, his boyhood years in Indiana, His professional years in Illinois, and his presidency in D.C.

Many wheats are still in circulation. I opened 2 rolls (100 pennies) today and found one 1958 wheat and no 2009 pennies. I usually average about 2 wheats and 1 Canadian penny per roll.

Being a good Illinois boy from the original LOL: Land of Lincoln (Not the original Land of Lincoln which is Kentucky, but the original LOL) I would like to celebrate Abe's 200th with not 1 but two give-a-ways! Yes I will be giving out 2 sets of 100 pennies (with at least 1 wheat each). Yes you heard it right the buck ships here.

To win the first set do the regular old comment thing. When you comment tell me significant years in your life (yours, spouses, kids birthdays anniversaries, year favorite team won World Series (after 1908 of course) and I will try to mix a few of those years in).

For the second set I will be picking from my followers, so if you don't follow, this would be a fine time to start. While it's mathematically possible to win both sets, let's share the wealth and say that we will have 2 different winners.

I am going to run this contest until September 23rd, because 2 dollars is a lot of money and in these tough times I may have to raid my birthday money to make good. If you blog about my crazy give-a-way I will give you 2 more chances at the first contest, simply link the blog to your comment. See the official rules on the sidebar. .

All this bang for a buck? That's why they call me Crazy Dave!

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Tonya said...

Important dates?
Mine 1972
His 1967
Ours 1992
Daughter 1992
Son 1995
Daughter 1996
Son 1997

You should be able to find something from that decade,right?LOL
tmw1223 at gmail dot com

Tonya said...

I don't follow on anybody's blog,I jsut subscribe via Google Reader,does that count?
blssdmmm1 on Google.
tmw1223 at gmail dot com(Contest only)

Anonymous said...

My important dates...

Ours then-1991


Barkley's Mommy said...

I think I'm channeling my father in that he was a life-long coin collector... His spirit is telling me I'll both win and treasure these pennies:

Me: 1966
Dave (Yup, I have one of my own.): 1967
Ours: 2002
Jordan: 1991
Dad: 1928 (d. 2007)
Mom: 1930 (d. 1989)
And... When did the Red Sox win the World Series???

Thanks for posting this, Crazy Dave. It gave me some happy thoughts about my Dad and his love of coins :-)


Becca said...

I was born in 1983 and haven't had many significant years besides obvious birthdays...those new pennies are cool :)

Lizze said...

Hello again. :)
Important dates?

His 1978
Mine 1980
Son #1 - 2000
Ours 2003
Son #2 - 2005
Son #3 - 2008

Carma Sez said...

I am a proud follower :-) Please enter me in the contest!! Can I email you my special dates were I to win so identity thieves don't latch onto my birthday? Plus this way I can make myself look younger than I am ;-)

Unknown said...

OMGosh my hubby would forgive for spending so much the other day if i won this
1970 birth yr me
1965 hubbys birth yr

he is such a coin lover this is a cool giveaway

Unknown said...

I follow as well

Jinxy and Me said...

Some of my dates are:
Me 1967
Husband 1974
Mom 1942
Anniversary 2002

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