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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

July Stats

 In the Month of June I only posted 4 times.  In July I posted 10 times, nut that was ten times in the first 12 days of the month.  I then went into a lull of a fortnight plus with no blogging whatso ever.  At the end of June I was looking at 164 posts by the end of the year.  Now that number has gone down to 158.

This month I want to finish writing my day by day recollections of Greece while I can still recollect them.  I also have a few more posts to put up.  I keep getting plenty of ideas for posts, so don't be surprised of there are some days this moth that you see more than one post here.

1 comment:

Liz A. said...

That's the joy of scheduling posts. Write up a bunch, set them to post tomorrow and the next day and the next, and you don't have to worry about so many non-posting days.

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