Santa Claus is comin' and the kids are gettin' greedy It's Christmas time They know what's in the store because they've seen it on the TV It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time It used to be the birthday of the man who saved our necks It's Christmas time Now it stands for Santa Claus they spell it with an X It's Christmas time Larry Norman - It's Christmas Time

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

I'm trying an experiment.

 It's been quite a while since I've posted here.  So I have set my timer for 15 minutes have put on Larry Norman radio from pandora on Alexa which is playing Rich Mullin's oddly enough.  I am going to just type for 15 minutes and see if I can produce a short message.

As the school. year started this year, for about 3 weeks I was working 3 jobs.  I have had a long term sub assignment as an art teacher at my favorite elementary school.  I also had been working along with my wife and daughter at a minor league baseball park selling concessions.  There was a section in the employee handbook that said I had to disclose to my supervisor if I wrote in a blog, but I think that was written 20 years ago when blogging was more common place.  The problem was  that my supervisors would change with almost every shift and the supervisors I did tell didn't know what a blog was.  I also continue to work 2 nights a week at the movie theatre.  I was very glad when the baseball season ended in early September and I could get back to the relative ease of working only 2 jobs.

The problem with getting back into blogging was 2 fold.  The first our family has 3 birthdays in a 3 week period in September which kept us all on our toes.  The 2nd is that once you get too busy to do something like blogging or reading which both came to an abrubt halt it's hard to get them back going again.  

I lost 30 pounds this Summer.  The trick will be not to find it again this winter.  I am counting calories consistently for the first time in my life and it seems to be working okay for me.  My wife and I are doing it together which is better than going it alone.

My timer just went off so I will continue this again hopefully soon with the opening sentence.  I always told myself that when I got under 250 pounds I would start running again.  

Music listened to during past 15 minutes: 

Larry Norman - UFO

Rich Mullins - If I Stand

Randy Stonehill - King of Hearts

Rescue Story - Zach Williams

Why Don't you look into Jesus - Larry Norman


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