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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
Snow kidding! These "kids" now range from 17 to 23

Friday, January 12, 2024

Poetry Friday: A Winter Poem For Reluctant Poets

 Poetry Friday is being hosted this week by Tracey at Tangles & Tails

Today there was no school as there was a snow day.  All the snow reminded me of an incident from 14 years ago when I was teaching a unit on  poetry to my children when I was homeschooling them.  The original post is found here.

Each of my children wrote a poem, but my 8 year old at the time son was originally a little reluctant to write his. Before producing the picture poem below, he recited something like Winter, winter I hate winter.

Later when I had some time to myself.  I reflected on the incident and wrote a poem as if it was written by an 8 year old who did not want to write a poem.

It reminds me of something that P.D. Eastman of Go Dog Go, or The Best Nest might write.

Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter.

Winter is no fun.
Winter. Winter. Winter Winter.
Now my poem's done.

I say it's done
but Dad say no.
Who wants to write
when you can play in the snow?

Sledding, Skiing, snow ball fighting.
Winter's really quite inviting.
It's fun outside and in the home
but do I have to write a poem?!!!

Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter.
Now, my poem's done!


I write this poem almost 14 years ago.  The youngest of the three children I was home schooling at the time is a senior now in high school.  I am working as a building substitute (a substitute teacher who works at the same building all year) at a middle school  I think of this poem from time to time when I encounter reluctant writers or winter activities.


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Tracey Kiff-Judson said...

My favorite line is "Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter." That sounds exactly like a kid who does not want to write! Well done and very funny!

Patricia Franz said...

You are dialed in to the voice and tone of the young child, Dave. So perfect! I love that poetry makes us empathetic.

Linda Mitchell said...

The voice of the child is distinct and spot-on.

Rose Cappelli said...

I agree that you nailed the child's voice in your poem, Dave. Thanks for sharing.

Linda B said...

A child who doesn't want the poetry but will take the snowy wild outside! It's -7 here today, and we had some snow though I don't think anyone will be going sledding! Time does fly, I agree. I'm glad you shared about your kids and the poem, so in that voice.

Susan T. said...

Ha! That's a great rendition of a kiddo's viewpoint.

Karen Edmisten said...

Sweet and true to the voice!

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