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Friday, January 9, 2009

Library Week

Libraries are a staple in the Roller family. My across the street neighbor when I was growing up was the Elk Grove Village Public Library. We were never able to borrow sugar, but I could get a cook book out, if I wanted to. Now, many years later, while I don't live as close to one as I did, libraries are still near to my heart.

A couple times a year our family embarks on library week. We stop formal schooling for a week and visit at least 1 library each day.

Here are the kids at the main library in Madison, WI.

In all we hit 5 libraries in 2 states. Library Week works for us because:

1) Libraries are fun, inexpensive places to learn and relax.

2) While library week gives us a break from our regular classroom environment, it does give me many ideas for future studies.

3) A well planned library week allows us the opportunity to drop in on friends and family and to visit other towns and cities. This type of multi-task travelling is educational as well as economical.

Even though we home school, I think library week can work for any family regardless of their educational choices. Spring, Winter or Summer breaks make the perfect time for library week. This is actually when we have done most of ours, so as not to interfere with Awana, and co-ops. Even if you have no children or no children at home, visiting libraries with your spouse or significant other can make an excellent date night.

So, library week works for me. If you'd like to see what works for other bloggers click here to go to the Works for me Wednesday page at Rocks in my Dryer.

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mom_of2boys said...

That's great that you dedicate a week to the library.

The library works for us too. We plan a day a week to visit the library. I like the fact that it saves us money. We rent movies, books, music, and sometimes video games.

Margot said...

I too am a big library supporter. How great that your children are growing up with a happy event being a trip to the library (or in your case, five libraries). They will probably grow up to be great readers. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday (Joyfully Retired) and leaving a great comment. I've some of your other posts here and like your writing style and your sense of humor - and you have a good personality too.

Veggiemomof2 said...

We too are a big fan of libraries. We don't live in city limits, so we have to pay for our library card, but we use the heck out of it during the summer. We don't make it as often as we'd like during the school year, but at least I know they are reading books from the school library during that time.

Catherine said...

That's really cool. We got to the Appleton library once a week, but the local library more often than that. We've kind of become fixtures. I love the idea, though, of traveling around to different libraries.

Unknown said...

Libraries rock.

AmyR said...

Go Dave! Go Dave! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! Dooooodlie dooooodlie do!!

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