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Leap of Dave Summer Reading Program
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I see a young boy Saying He's going to run away. Deep inside, It's already happened. Ronny Dibbern (Grade 8) From Ten-Second Rainshowers: Poems by young people. Compiled by Sanford Lynne

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why we Home School Part II

Pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words. You also don't have to use spell check on them. I used pictures in my first post to communicate why we home school. Pictures of our children. If my wife and I didn't have any children, we probably would not home school. We'd spend far less on curricula, at any rate. The truth be told, Amy and I wanted to home school our children even before children came into the picture. We actually separately desired to home school any children God might bring even before we were we.

The reason we had wanted to home school was that when we separately spent time with home school families and liked what we saw. We saw children who were sharp, well behaved, and knew how to talk with adults. We saw Dads and Moms and children who were unified as a family.

When we got married and became parents we wanted to be the main influences of our children. Not because we thought other people would do it worse, but because it would be a great blessing to do it ourselves.

Now, I must be honest, there are times that if we want to spend time with children who are sharp, well behaved and know how to talk to adults, we need to spend time with other people's home schooled children.

But now a full 9 years into this great home school experiment, we would not have it any other way. Which is why when I lost my job this summer, we said "let's both apply for jobs and whoever doesn't get one first gets the privilege of teaching our own children." And I won!

Next Time: The old switcheroo.

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