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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
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Friday, June 3, 2022

To Live Each Day

As part of my summer reading I've been reading a book about writing poetry.  I enjoy writing poetry and learning about different poetry forms.  This week I decided to write a an Elizabethan sonnet and a Petrarchan sonnet that both started with the same line.  

I am sharing the Elizabethan today as I think it is the better of two and will share the Petrarchan next week.

Both types of sonnets have 14 lines.  The rhyme scheme for the Elizabethan is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.  Karen is hosting Poetry Friday this week.  So I am linking it there as well.

To Live Each Day

                                                                      The time we're given is quite brief
                                                                      Our days are of finite amount
                                                                      Our object than should be in chief
                                                                      To live each day and make it count,

                                                                       Each person is a thing of beauty
                                                                       The Psalmist says wonderfully made
                                                                       I think it then should be our duty
                                                                       To live each day that work displayed

                                                                        Each day we contend with the urgent
                                                                        The important may be left behind
                                                                        We need to stay still and observant
                                                                        To live each day with peace of mind

                                                                        To live each day as we are able
                                                                        To live our lives - strong, good and stable. 

For more Poetry Friday click here.


KatApel - katswhiskers.wordpress.com said...

Excellent! I find sonnets such a brain strain to write! But this reads beautifully.

Linda B said...

During these recent years, most recent tragedies, your poem shows the path to embrace, & a sonnet, too. Well done!

Patricia Franz said...

Perfect sonnet and words to accompany all of our June grads!

Linda Mitchell said...

WOW! Nice to see you at Poetry Friday. Welcome, new friend. Starting out reading your blog with a perfect sonnet. You set the bar high! Sonnets remind me of word-sudoku. I love getting lost in the counting ...but rarely actually finish the poem.

Mary Lee said...

Welcome to Poetry Friday! Looking forward to your second sonnet next week. This one's really good -- I agree with the message. Fun to try two different types with the same first line!

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