100th Post

I tell my kids on a regular basis that people are more important than things. I tell them this, because I believe it is true. Like most true things that I tell my kids, I also try to model them. This post marks the 100th here at Home School Dad. I have noticed many bloggers make a list of 100 things about them as their 100th post. Since I believe that people are more important than things I present for you . . .

100 People who have made an impact on my life

A few quick ground rules ...

A. This is not a ranking of the 100 people who most influenced my life.

B. These people are all people that I have met. These are not authors, artists, fly fisherman etc. who I have never interacted with personally.

C I am listing each person by first name, last initial and one piece of identifying information. This piece of information is not necessarily an explanation of their impact on me.

D. In cases where I know more than one person with the same first name and last initial I will not differentiate any further. SO, I don't want any comments like hey you said John S in # 27 and # 47. You only put 99 people not 100!

E. Finally, if you are reading this, know me personally and do not appear on this list. That does not mean you have had no impact on my life. I mean really Amy, maybe when I get to my 200th post you'll get a mention. Just Kidding! My lovely wife definitely made the list. If I would have made a list like this on my first post, She would make the list (of 1)!

No further explanation is needed (This much explanation was probably not needed) So without further adieu here is the list ...

1. Paul L - Who said opposites attract and then they grind.

2. Dave O. - Who was kind to me, when he didn't have to be, and most people weren't.

3. Geoff W. Who taught me that Turtle Soap really is best.

4. Jerome H. - Who showed me that people are worth the time.

5. Lisa B - With whom I discovered how giraffe's poop.

6. Carrie L. - Who may be the kindest person I know.

7. Sheryl R. who I used to listen to Lisa Whelchel records with.

8. Amy R. - Who said sure and meant it.

9. Dave I - Who taught me random.

10. Mark M -Who knows everybody.

11. Bob H - Who knows everyone else.

12. Chris H - Who hosted a weather talk show with me, in the dinner line at camp.

13. Steve K - who noticed I rode a 5 speed in a 10 speed world.

14 Dave R - Who took me to my first White Sox game.

15 Izola R- who knew me from the many.

16. Charlie R. who will invent so many things that people will say Thomas Alva who?

17. Melissa C. - Who plans her spontaneity.

18 Vladimir L. - who says I have the ministry of bad ideas (and is right).

19 Craig M - Who makes me seem normal.

20. Paul F. - Who was one of my first singing partners.

21. Mark M. - Who warned me against onus shifters.

22. Jeanne R - Who writes ourfamily history to the tunes of Christmas carols.

23 Bert F. - Who sold me my first car.

24. Emma R. Who will someday run a bunny farm.

25 Dominick A - Who showed me that life does not end when you lose your job.

26 Kathy A. - Who home schools her kids.

27. John S. - Who looked at a sports stadium and saw a field of souls.

28. Keith R. - Who never earned that 100 dollars but now has so much more!

29 Gordy J . - Who first called me Stroll.

30. Jon C. - who had a fellowship of the travelling pants moment with me, except the pants were a Ford Taurus.

31. Dan B. Who I will ask to write the foreword for the first book I ever write.

32. Terry N. - Who taught me that people who are a lot alike often dislike each other; then, when they are becoming friends one of them moves to Alaska (Okay, not all of them.)

33. Jeff C. - who never tried to be popular, and succeeded.

34. Brian M. - Who gave Amy and me great advice when he married us.

35. Chuck F. Who once made my wife the same kind of gift basket he made for Patti Labelle.

36 Tom M. - who never met a "quotation mark" he didn't like.

37 Dave H. Who lived with me and still likes me.

38. Bonnie R. - Who is much more capable than anyone thinks (including her.)

39. Rebecca C. - Who is as good of a friend there is.

40. Angela R. - Who introduced me to one of my favorite places (Stone Mountain),

41. Leanne P. - Who showed me that there are few things better than farm fresh boiled peanuts.

42 Harold H. Who knows everyone in Missouri.

43. Scott P. - Who taught me that a reputation is very difficult to lose.

44. Kim W. - Who made an eye emergency seem hilarious in retrospect.

45 Cynthia F. - Who missed a Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire game at Wrigley in '98 to visit with Amy and Me.

46. Alan J. - Who reminded me that life is an adventure.

47. John S. who took his passion and made it happen.

48. Kathy W. Who let me tag along.

49. Alec M. - Who showed me incredible kindness.

50. Lindy S. - Who showed me that politics and Christianity can mix.

51. Pat G - Who has given me new found appreciation for the Stevenson Expressway.

52 Don W. - Who writes just like he preaches.

53. Jeanette M - Who cared enough to knock.

54. Tab H. Who asked me what was wrong.

55. Diane I - Who taught me that p.k.'s are people too.

56 Phil B. - Who knows everyone in Mcdonough County.

57. Mary Jane W- Who is related to everyone in McDonough County (and outlying)

58 - Chris R. - Who is not my older brother, okay? Can we get together on this?, I am 18 months older!!!!!

Oh excuse me, I got a little carried away. Let's try 58 again:

58 - Chris R - Who is co-inventor of the best sport ever, garbage ball. Garbage ball season is any time you are supposed to be cleaning your room.

59. Lucy R - Who woke me up to play puppy on the floor.

60. Millard P. - Who taught me about valuing life, family and ministry.

61. Lisken S. - Whose dad is right, I am weird!

62. Laura R - Who kept my kids in vegetables.

63. Mike O - Who takes his Pinochle seriously.

64. Cassandra O - Who along with Mike and the rest of Roberts Road gave us an amazing Christmas gift.

65. Anna K - Who blesses my socks off.

66. - Pat G. Who takes scrabble as seriously as one should.

67. Gerald W. - Who continues family traditions.

68 John R. - Who taught me the power of a label maker.

69 Matthew M - Whose friendship I value more than his Dr. Who collection (He has every episode.)

70. Allen L. - Who made my 40th birthday party a musical event to be cherished always. (Thanks again Amy!!!!)

71. Donn A. - Who has held every job, except President ( and maybe that under an assumed name.)

72. Ed C. - Who's made our house, a gallery.

73. Sara C. - Who lets us watch their kids!

74. B. C. - Who sends us money on our birthdays and showers us with love the rest of the time.

75. Katie S. - Who gave a nine year old a shirt and then let me know where she bought it. Thanks for letting me do my own stunts!

76. Beth M - Who finally took my relationship advice.

77 Jimmy S - Who did the same.

78. Eileen F. - Who always spoke her mind.

79. Joe H. - Who called to say thanks.

80. Jeff W. - Who helped me through an emotional roller coaster with a story about roller coasters.

81. Dawny Jo C. - Who like many on this list disprove the notion that all of the good ones are taken.

82. Frank R. - Who knew me for our likenesses rather than our differences.

83. Joel A. - Who deftly mixes stand up comedy with biblical exposition (without a 2 drink minimum)

84. Vladimir L - Who made me feel like part of his family when I needed family the most.

85. Linda B - My first LTR, who introduced me to my First Love.

86. Jeff S. - Who put music to my lyrics.

87. Dale C - Who one mistook a grocery store for a jewelery store.

88. Kayrene A - Who knows more than any college could have taught her.

89. Roger J. - Who gave me my start in radio (if you call recording onto 8 tracks, radio).

90. Don B. - Who remembers W.H.E.N.

91. Mayn S. - Who provided for his family.

92. Jack C. - Who has the whole town talking about the Webb boys.

93. Dave D. Who I taught a Sunday school lesson on dating to and then gave him an exam when I double dated with him to his H.S. Homecoming dance.

94. Julie G. - Who was part of the trio "Just the Two of Us."

95. Beth G. - Who like my brother, left much too soon.

96. Judy M. - Who has the spiritual gift of Hospitality/Librarian.

97. Greg O. - Who is a kind sir.

98 Roy B - Who introduced me to my first LTR and equally as important brats boiled in beer.

99 Ray H. - Who shared a need, that God let me meet.

100. Steven W. - Who once asked my wife if I was funny. When my wife answered yes, he inquired about how often. Amy said about every 20 minutes.

So it took me a couple hours to write this, so I hope you laughed at leat 6 times.