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Friday, March 18, 2011

Six about 25 before 500

Six Word Saturday time at Show my face dot com and my six words are packed and ready to go. They're standing here outside your door. Oh, sorry about that, I was listening to John Denver on Pandora earlier.

Here's my Six:

Blogging about blogging, an acquired taste.

Amy and I have many similar interests and opinions but we don't agree on everything. That is to say, that not all of hers are correct. For example, I some times engage in what I call meta blogging. Blogging about the process of blogging or even blogging about the minutia of blogging. I think she calls it, choking the life blood out of her soul. This doesn't keep me from doing it, just from asking her to edit those pieces. I mean who wants to read a post that starts: "Anyone who still has a brain cell left please read something else!!!"?

This, is one of those pieces.

Back in 2009, when I was just a novice blogger, I noticed that the 100th post was a big to do. There were generally give-a-ways, hyperbole and a sprinkling of ballyhoo when someone would go to 3 digits on their blogometer. I was not immune to such excitement, I love celebrating milestones. I even love celebrating milestones that aren't really milestones. If I had it my way I'd commemorate each and every post. . .

We now take you to HSD behind the scenes. . .

Dave: for my 217th post I wanted to give away a tray of Lasagne. Amy wanted to know why and I said because the first time I remember eating Lasagne was July 31st and as you know 7 times 31 is 217.

Amy: That really didn't happen. But yes, He is that crazy. And yes, this is really Amy and I can prove it. Note the font, Trebuchet. Dave is allergic to Trebuchet.

We now return you to this post, in progress.

So, I noticed recently that I am chugging along on my way to 500 posts here at HSD. I have decided to commemorate the event some way for the past few weeks I have had a countdown to 500 in the left hand corner of the blog. Starting with the next post that will be replaced with an estimated date of the big event. My best estimate as of today is sometime in early May. No, I don't have ultrasounds, so this will have to do.

I am planning to celebrate # 500 with a special post. I have some ideas but have not ironed them all out yet. The rumours about me hosting Letterman are way too premature. I understand his guest correspondence is written in Trebuchet.

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  1. Visiting from 6WS - sorry Amy but I would read Dave's posts on blogging about blogging. I'm still learning, so any tips are extremely welcome.

    Congratulations as you journey towards 500

    Cheers, Fi

  2. Me back again and no I'm not stalking, I had to go and count how many blog posts I'd written after reading your post because I had no idea. I'm at 91 - don't think I'll try the lasagne give away (even though you didn't actually do it) too hard to send it overseas LOL to where most of my readers are.
    Thanks for making me aware tho'

  3. I love blogging...but I don't do giveaways and I don't really celebrate when I reach certain levels of followers or posts etc.

    But it is a fun way to connect and I am glad I have found it.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. good lord- I don't even know how many posts I have posted since 2006....nowdo I even want to go look?????

  5. what a fun post loved reading it I am your new follower please stop by my blog at http://shopannies.blogspot.com and read my 6 word saturday post as well

  6. I'm nearing 800. Sometimes I notice the milestones, sometimes I miss them completely. Can't wait to see what fun you have planned.

    Thanks for playing 6WS for a few of those 500 posts!

  7. I think the lasagne giveaway would have been a hit!! I mean I've not seen anyone do that before. Eggplant and manacotti, those have been overdone, but not lasagne. Wishing I could post this in arial.