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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skiing, Swimming, Super Bowl, or Sox Fest.

Have you ever noticed that if you want to do 4 things in one month, they will often occur on or near the same day? This happened to me this week and helped me remember what things are truly important to me.

Today, of course, is Super Bowl Sunday. I love football, commercials, parties and food so I generally enjoy watching the Super Bowl. The thing is that by choice our t.v. works only to watch d.v.d's and videos. So, if I watch the big game I have to go somewhere else to watch it.

This weekend is also Sox Fest, a three day convention in downtown Chicago that celebrates all things White Sox. Plenty of opportunities to meet current and former players and see interesting seminars and talk baseball 2 weeks before pitchers and catchers report.

Also, my cousin offered to treat me to skiing this weekend and I would have been able to take 1 0r 2 of my kids and teach them how to ski as well.

Finally, I had the opportunity to take my kids swimming this weekend at the local indoor pool, which I can do any weekend.

I ended up deciding on swimming. The main reason is because Sox Fest and the Super Bowl are things that really, I am the only one in our family of five who enjoys them. I would have gone skiing, but if we did that, I would have had to cancel dinner plans I made with my sister to celebrate her birthday. She's only got one a year, so I'd better not mess with that!

So, I chose the simplest, and most family-friendly things because I love my family. Next year, maybe I'll get back to a Super Bowl Party while skiing on a Wii while checking in at WhiteSox.com. You never know!

Next Time: I Want to try National Blog Posting Month.

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