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Monday, February 2, 2009

A "Typical" Week

People often want to know what a "typical" week of home schooling looks like. The answer I hear most often is that there is no such thing as a typical week. Home schooling families are like snowflakes in that respect, no two are exactly the same.

No, I am not saying that home school families are flakes! Focus, people, focus!

Here is what my typical week looks like at the Izola Becker Home School and Grill.

Monday, we have co-op. It is called Christian Workshops of the Fox Valley or CWF for short. Our family just calls it Monday School. I will write an entire post on CWF at another time. This is my first semester at CWF. Amy and the kids were involved previously, so far I really enjoy it.

Tuesday we are involved in a program called G.I.F.T (Godly Influenced Fine-arts training) it is similar to a co-op. Emma and Charlie take 1 class each and work on school with me while the other is in their class. Emma is taking a drawing class and Charlie is taking Chess. On Tuesday afternoons we have our regular library day.

Wednesday through Friday resemble a more typical home school environment. Between 7 and 8:00 kids wake up have breakfast and do their morning routine. At 8:30 we start school by watching the daily episode of Jelly Telly. Jelly Telly is the latest innovation from Phil Vischer the creator of veggie tales. It is a cross between Sesame Street and Sunday School. Here are a few clips from the show:

The Bentley Brothers

God's Amazing Animals

Michael's Ten Best Films of All Time

You can see the daily shows at http://www.jellytelly.com/.

After Jelly Telly we come to the table and work on Awana verses. Emma then begins working on her classes through her Switched-On School House program. Lucy, Charlie and I work at the table until about 10:30 and then take a morning break. After break I finish up with Charlie and Emma continues to work independently. School ends between 12 and 1 when lunch time begins. After School we do chores, run errands, play games, or translate the Bible into Pig Latin. We have not gotten past the en-tay amandments-kay yet.

So that's what a typical week is supposed to look like. This doesn't include things like swimming lessons, field trips and what we do with Emma when her computer breaks like it did at the beginning of this year. For example, today is our CWF day, but the church that allows CWF to use their building, is cleaning up after a Super Bowl party and thus CWF was cancelled making the typical week atypical before it ever began.

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Next Time: Swimming Lessons


AOP said...

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Thanks again and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at kgesink@aop.com

Have a fantastic day!
Kristi Gesink

AmyR said...

Sounds like a good week, had by all. I'm not ur-shay about the ig-pay atin-lay. Sounds like Greek to me.