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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

My children are excellent artists. I don't where they get it but each of them have an excellent gift for art. I will post some of their creations at a later time. When it comes to athletics, well, they are excellent artists.

At this time, none of them have really shown the ability, desire or drive to enjoy, let alone excel, at the sports we have introduced to them. Amy and I are neither what you would call gifted athletes, but we both enjoy playing a variety of sports. (Truth be told, Amy aspires to be the first 40 year old Wimbledon champion, but since she has yet to beat me, not gonna happen sister.) The children have yet to follow in our example. Which is why I love Swimming Lessons

Every summer we spend quite a bit of time as a family at the local pool. During the school year the children enroll in swimming lessons about 1 month on and 1 month off. Today marks our youngest's first foray into swimming lessons as the minimum age is 3.

The lessons run 2 days a week for four weeks. It would seem these lessons add to an already busy schedule. However, swimming lessons work for us because:

  • They all take lessons at the same time. If each child was involved in different activities then the 2 hour a week commitment of swimming could easily triple to 6 or more.

  • Our kids love swimming. It is the one athletic endeavor that has been much more hit than miss.

  • It gives me a time to just be a sideline parent rather than a teacher. I love to watch their lessons.

So swimming lessons work for me. To see what works for others click here to be brought to the Works for me Wednesday page at Rocks in my Dryer.

Next Time: Speaking of Swimming


Anonymous said...

I am also a big fan of swimming lessons. Every member of our family (parents and children) is terribly unathletic. This is often a problem because it means our kids suffer the double whammy of nature and nurture: 1) no natural skill and 2) no time spent at home learning these activities.

Swimming lessons are great for anyone in this situation because 1) swimming is one of the only activities where most people are truly starting out with little previous at home training. 2) It is one of the only activities where there are classes for all different skill levels. This is different from sports like soccer that are often organized by age--all 5 year olds on the same team. Swimming lessons are subdivided by swimming skills. 3) More personalized instruction is available. I don't know how to hire someone to tutor my poor little son in soccer, basketball or football. But to get him in a swimming class with only 4 other kids is easy! And private, one-on-one lessons are available too. 4) As you mentioned, swimming is fun. Kids like it.

Amy said...

I'm hoping to start my DD in swim lessons during the next session at the local Y. I think she will really enjoy them.

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