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Pictures of Memories I
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Saturday, April 1, 2023

A is for Arsenic

A to Z Challenge 2023

A Month At The Movies

#AtoZChallenge 2023 badge A

Hello and welcome to A Month at the Movies,  my contribution to the A to Z challenge for 2023.

This year I am copying from a myriad of other a to z challengers by reprinting the same synopsis about my theme with every letter.  You can skip over this part if you want to.  I love movies and have decided to share with you a movie each day that I have enjoyed to one degree or another.  With each entry, I'll give a brief synopsis of the film, share a positive and negative review from Rotten Tomatoes ( a website, I didn't use much at all until preparing for the challenge), discuss its resiliency (the theme of the A to Z challenge this year), and other tidbits like whether the film may appear in my top 100 film list, which I have been revamping this year. I think that's enough in the way of introduction, considering you'll be reading it (hopefully) 25 more times this month. 

Film: Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

Director: Frank Capra

By Photographer not credited - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="https://archive.org/stream/cinemundial28unse#page/156/mode/1up">Cine Mundial, April 1943</a>, Public Domain, Link

Arsenic and Old Lace premiered on September 23rd, 1944.  This was exactly 20 years before I premiered.  It's a funny story actually, my Dad and my 9 months pregnant Mom were at an Arsenic and Old Lace 20th anniversary party when ... No, Just kidding.  

 Cary Grant stars in this dark comedy/ screwball comedy that was the first Frank Capra film I ever watched.  The basic gist of the film is that Mortimer Brewster (played by Grant) is a theatre critic and avowed bachelor who at the beginning of the film marries the girl next door to his boyhood home in Brooklyn.  

"The Fun" begins when Grant discovers his beloved salt of the earth aunts are actually serial murderers and is then also reunited with a few other of his sanity-challenged relatives. 

Positive Tomato: It's not mere hyperbole to state that Frank Capra's Arsenic and Old Lace ranks as one of the funniest films ever made. Matt Brunson - Film Frenzy 

Negative Tomato: Not one of Capra's best. Grant is too hammy and out of control, and without Boris Karloff as Jonathan Brewster, the joke is lost. Bob Bloom - Journal and Courier (Lafayette, Indiana)

I really enjoyed this movie watching it on T.V. as a kid.  In recent viewing, I found it a little long and a little uneven but still enjoyed it and would probably watch it again, especially with folks who have not seen it before.  

Resiliency: Mortimer Brewster shows a lot of resiliency throughout the film trying to figure out how to best deal with his family situation since he literally knows where the bodies are buried.  

Top 100: I don't think this will make my top 100 list. I'm a Big Frank Capra fan and while it's not one of my favorite Capra films, I do think that maybe it would make its way onto the bottom 100 of my top 200 film list.  

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Ronel Janse van Vuuren said...

I haven't watched this one yet, but is sounds good.

Ronel visiting for A:
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Accomplished Athena

Birgit said...

I love this movie that would be 8n my top 20 of comedy films. Funny how each person relates to films differently. I am also born in 1964 and grew up watching many old movies. This one made me laugh. I love the old Aunts and Raymond Massey. It would have been cool to actually have Boris Karloff in the role that he created on the stage. This is zany comedy at its height and comedy is a tough one because not everyone can like each type of comedy. Pricilla Lane is also quite good as the newly Mrs. Brewster.

C.D. Gallant-King said...

I love old movies, I admit I haven't seen this one. Will have to add it to my (very long) to-watch list...


Harvey Heilbrun said...

I really liked this movie. Good review.

lissa said...

Sanity-challenged relatives - I think that's a nice way to put it. I saw the movie a while back but I can still remember how funny it was. Grant did seem a bit over the top with his acting but I think if I rewatch it, I don't know if I'll find it as funny.

Have a lovely day.

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Denise said...

Lovely to see you at day 1. Though I may be delayed (day job), I do plan on visiting as many wonderful blog as I can. So many great themes! https://www.denisedekker.com/

Glen Sprigg said...

I saw this years and years ago in high school; it was the Drama Club's theatre performance, actually, so I saw it as a play before I saw the movie. I do remember it was quite funny, and I really should watch it again. I'll have a tough time convincing my wife and son, however; they don't like old black and white movies. But I'll teach them.

My A-to-Z posts are at gcsprigg.blogspot.com.

Lady In Read said...

Dave, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog (ladyinreadwrites.com). I am hoping to start catching up on commenting and returning comments starting today.. :)
My husband and I do love old movies and I do believe we watched and loved Arsenic and Old Lace as well, but since my memory fails me, I think it is time for a rewatch.. and cool theme for the A to Z..

GeniAus said...

I'm not much of a movie goer but you have me convinced with this one.

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