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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

She's A Wonderful Wife

 I have a routine when it comes to my A to Z  challenge posts. I schedule the time of the post for the date of the post.  For example, today is April 11th or numerically 4/11 so I would generally schedule my post for 4:11 a.m. so people could see it as they were checking their computers in the morning.  

This by the way is not an A to Z post but I am posting this at 4:11 in the morning because April 11th is a very significant day in my life.  It is the day I married my wife Amy. Today is almost as significant as that day as it is our 25th wedding anniversary.

I have scheduled my A to Z post at 4:11 p.m. It talks about my favorite movie It's A Wonderful Life.

In that film, the main character gets a glimpse of what life might have been like if he was never born and gets to realize what a wonderful life he had.

In December of 2005, our 3rd and final child was born and 2 days after they were released from the hospital I rushed Amy to the emergency room.  They did tests and her heart was working at 10% capacity.  I remember driving back from the emergency room to my house with 3 children between the ages of 3 days and 6 years old and I got a glimpse of what my life might look like If Amy was gone.  I prayed on the way home and asked God to restore her to health.

Thankfully  Amy was back to 100% use of her heart and her kidneys and was home to our family in a few short days. We were never given an adequate reason for the occurrence but we believe it was due to a lack of proper hydration after the C-section. 

I really didn't need an angel to show me the worth of my wife.  We were best friends for 8 years before she signed the Marry Dave Agreement. She takes the best care of me and our children.  Often preparing and perfecting foods for us that she doesn't even like to eat.  While she is just a sinner that said I Do, she is a loving, Godly influencer on me and our children.  

I have had the opportunity in the past 5 years to substitute teach in the same building where she works as a school psychologist.  I have never seen anyone take their job so seriously and still love on the children and show compassion and concern to the teachers, administration, and parents. We also have worked side by side the last 2 summers working concessions at a ballpark where she would bring sunshine even in a two-hour rain delay. 

So you see she really is a wonderful wife.  Happy Anniversary Amy.  You really do complete me.


Amy said...

Thanks Dave! You are so sweet. Happy 25th anniversary! I love you.

Birgit said...

How lovely and sweet. ITS A Wonderful Life is my favourite film as well. I don't think enough people value what they truly have. I am lucky to have my husband for all that he has do e and continues to do

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