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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

We now interrupt the a to z Challenge for a poem

 My daughter Emma and I signed up for a progressive poem this month and then clean forgot about it with all the revelry brought by my 25th wedding anniversary yesterday.   On my 15 minute break from work I am catching up hers for April 11th and will have mine early this afternoon. 

A progressive poem is a poem where different poets contribute one line at a time.  Here is what we have so far including my contribution for Emma at the last line:

Suddenly everything fell into place

like raindrops hitting soil and sinking in

When morning first poked me, I'd wished it away

my mind in the midst, muddled, confused

Was this a dream, or reality rousing my response?

The sun surged, urging me to join in it's rising.

Rising like a crystal ball reflecting on morning dew.

I jumped out of bed, ready to explore the day

My feet pull me outside and into the garden

Where lillies and bees weave ... but wait what's that?

A bevy of bunnies jart and dart and play in the clover.  

I'll be back later today for my line in the poem.  

1 comment:

Carol Varsalona said...

Happy Anniversary, Dave. I thought about Emma's line before it was written. I hoped bunnies would jump into the poem. I look forward to your next line.

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