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Pictures of Memories I

Pictures of Memories I
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Sunday, April 2, 2023

March Stats

 I am taking a scheduled rest from posting on the A to Z challenge today.  I have been posting my monthly stats the first day of the new month, but since yesterday was the first day of the challenge. and I knew I'd have a respite today, I decided to wait until today for the stats post.  I posted on my blog 8 times last month.  I had posted 9 each in January and February, so my average for the year has been pretty much the same.  At this rate I should have 104 posts by the end of the year.

My average posts per month for the past quarter have been 8.63 rounding up to 9.  Over the past 18 months I have posted 167 times for an average of 9.28 posts per month.  If you take away my most prolific month (April 2022 - 28 posts) and my most abysmal (November 2021 - 1 post) my average  goes fown to 8.63 post per month which is nearly identical to my output this quarter.

With my A to Z post yesterday this is the 30th month in a row that I have posted at least once on this blog.

I should be back later today with a second post regarding my last 5 books read since I was up past midnight finishing An Old Fashioned Girl.  I have some work to do on the challenge as well today and make sure my next few posts are ready for publication.  

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