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2024 A to Z Challenge

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

D is For Dave

 A to Z Challenge

A Month At The Movies

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter D 

Hello and welcome back to A Month at the Movies,  my contribution to the A to Z challenge for 2023.

This year I am copying from a myriad of other a to z challengers by reprinting the same synopsis about my theme with every letter.  You can skip over this part if you want to.  

I love movies and have decided to share with you a movie each day that I have enjoyed to one degree or another.  With each entry, I'll give a brief synopsis of the film, share a positive and negative review from Rotten Tomatoes ( a website, I didn't use much at all until preparing for the challenge), discuss its resiliency (the theme of the A to Z challenge this year), and other tidbits like whether the film may appear in my top 100 film list, which I have been revamping this year. I think that's enough in the way of introduction, considering you'll be reading it (hopefully) 22 more times this month.

Film: Dave (1993)

Director: Ivan Reittman

Presidential movies were all the rage in the 1990s. (The American President, Air Force One, JFK, Nixon, Absolute Power). In this one,  a presidential body double makes the most of what was supposed to be a temporary job.

 Dave (Official Traier)

Positive Tomato:  A genial, expertly played political comedy proves that the spirit of Mr. Smith still lives.  Richard Schickel - Time Magazine

Negative Tomato: As Kline begins to take his presidential duties seriously, the comedy seeps out, a listless civic-mindedness drifts in like the fog off the Potomac. Leah Rozen - People Magazine

If you've never seen this film. the 30th anniversary is a good time to jump on board.  This may be Kevin Klines best film and with a resume filled with hits gems like Cry Freedom and Silverado that is certainly saying something.  Charles Grodin is in only a few scenes but does a great job of showing the uniqueness of a guy like Dave.

Resiliency: The balancing the budget subplot of Dave is a great snapshot in Resiliency.

In the film, Dave visits a homeless shelter with the President's wife.  When the homeless shelters are stripped of funding, Dave is told by the President's draconian chief of staff (played ever so malevolently by Frank Langella) that he can keep the shelters by adding 650 million dollars to the budget.

In the next few scenes, Dave attempts to do just that and even brings his accountant, the aforementioned Grodin, to help him with the gargantuan task. 

To watch this scene and read more about its resiliency factor click here.

Top 100: One of my criteria for top 100 films lies in its rewatchability. I remember enjoying this movie increasingly upon every viewing.  For that reason alone, I cannot imagine a Top 100 film list of mine with Dave, not on it.

For more D in the A to Z Challenge, click here.

Next Time: E Equals Evil Empire


Birgit said...

I have not seen Dave in quite a while but it is one I can revisit. It’s a really good comedy but one with a message. Thankfully, you’re not beaten over the head with it. I love that scene with the budget and I wish that could be done here.I would give this film a 3 1/2 stars.

Liz A. said...

It's been a while since I've seen this one. Kevin Kline has done some cute movies.

Deborah Weber said...

I confess comedies aren't really my thing, so this might not be for me. I'm kind of amazed at the thought of having a top 100 films list. For that number I can imagine a complicated set of ordering standards has been developed by you. Kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

This movie is definitely on my top 100 movie list if I had one.

lissa said...

I've seen Dave twice and both times were enjoyable. I think this is definitely a fun movie.

Have a lovely day.

P.S., my A-Z posts are here.

Glen Sprigg said...

Great movie. I've seen it a few times, but not for a lot of years now. I'll have to watch it again soon.

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