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Friday, April 9, 2021

I is for Ingalls

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter I


Laura Ingalls Wilder

Years lived before 1921: Fifty-four
Years lived after 1921: Thirty-six 

Laura Ingalls Wilder is the  author of the Little House  books a somewhat fictionalized account of her life growing up on the American frontier. Laura was the 2nd of 5 children of Charles and Caroline Ingalls.  The only boy Charles Frederick Ingalls died when he was less than 1 year old.  Laura married Almanzo Wilder and they had 1  daughter, Rose.

                                                Carrie           Mary                   Laura

In 1921 all Laura's sisters, her mother and her daughter were all still living

Caroline Quiner Ingalls lived from 1839-1924 (83 years before 1921 and 3 after)

Laura's older sister Mary  was born in 1865 and died 4 years after her mother in 1928.  She lived 56 years before 1921 and 7 years after.

Laura's baby sister Grace was born in 1877, 44 years prior to 1921.  She passed away20 years later in 1941.

In 1921 Laura's sister Carrie turned 51 years of age.  When she died 25 years later, Laura became the last surviving child of her father and mother.

Almanzo Wilder  like my own grandfather was 10 years older than his wife. Almanzo lived 64 years before 1921 and lived 28 years after passing away in 1949.

Laura and Almanzo's daughter Rose was born in 1886 and died in 1968. She lived 35 years prior to 1921 and 47 years after that. Rose was the last living descendent of Charles and Carolyn, unless you count Laura's books which still enjoy a life of their own

I am posting this letter early which I hardly ever do.  I am taking the weekend off and will be back with the letter J on Monday.  Please go bak and enjoy more of  the challenge

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