Tuesday, April 13, 2021

J is for John and Johnson

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter J I apologize for the tardiness of my J. I was right about to post my Jimmy Stewart post last night when my wife inquired if my Katharine Johnson post was finished. I checked my master list and much to my chagrin I had Stewart moved from J to S to get Katherine Johnson and John Glen into our A to Z orbit. So the good news Stewart's post will be ready when S rolls around later this month. The bad  news is J will be my first late entry of this years challenge and probably not the last.  

Katherine Johnson
                                                                     Years lived before 1921: Three
                                                                     Years lived after 1921: Ninety-nine 

Katherine Johnson (Left) Barack Obama (Center) Willie Mays (Right)
2015 Medal of Freedom ceremony at White House

John Glenn
                                                                           Years lived before 1921: Zero 
                                                                          Years lived after 1921: Ninety-Five

             John Glenn entering Friendship 7.

In 1962, multiple fledgling IBM computers were determining the trajectory of the Friendship 7 from take off to splashdownJohn Glenn who, like many astronauuts of his era, was weary of putting his life in the hands of computing machines, asked that Katherine Johnson do all the calculations manually and said "if she says they're good, then I'm ready to go." The rest is NASA history.

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